A green napkin

We want to be as green as possible at our wedding but also create something beautiful and unique for our guests.

all the colours

As a self confessed fabric addict I wanted to make individualised napkins as an alternative to using paper napkins at the wedding.

I sorted through my fabric stash to find as many fat quarter sized pieces as possible then started matching them up in a crazy, colourful and personalised way!

ironed at least 20 times!!

They are all different in colours as well as sizes (whoops) I did a double top stitch and nearly tore all my hair out the amount I had to change the top thread and bobbin. Multiple colours seemed like a great idea before sewing!!

Folded perfection

I then trawled through the internet looking for the best way to fold them so that we could insert our wedding favours into the napkin making it a full favour gift if guests would like to take the napkins with them. If they do not I am going to make a huge quilt with them as a wedding memory.

I found this envelope fold and it works perfectly with the favours.

Completely green

We are really pleased with the finished result and it will add so much colour to our wedding table making this truly a hodgepodge wedding.

Recycled book pages and bird seed
Recycled book pages and wild flower seeds plus some cornflower seeds from the garden
Picnic basket full of colour! And the page boys napkin matches his shirt.

Sophie the niffler

I am a self confessed craft obsessive if I see something I want to try out I buy it and everything that goes with it! Rather than doing a taster session and seeing whether it’s for me I go the whole hog and buy everything and I appreciate I am lucky enough to be able to do this.

This means in our house there is craft in every room and I love this and I know it drives steph up the wall but it also makes our house our home.

When planning our wedding I started to look through what I had and stumbled upon about 10 packets of mini sparklers (my other confession being I love a bargain!) I remember these being reduced to 30p so I brought lots, I guess at the time I brought them for an occasion and over the years they have come out and brought us moments of joy.

Mini sparklers

So in my desire to have little creative items at our wedding I though it would be cute to have these in the evening.

Now my writing is rubbish bordering on illegible at the best of times and I have dabbled a little in calligraphy but don’t really have the stamina for it I think. I looked online for things i could copy and finally thought just go with it this is you and your writing at your wedding and that is what makes this special not being able to copy some gorgeous writing of someone else. As long as its legible!

Sharpie action

So here we have it in all my sharpie beauty ‘it’s time to sparkle’ after cutting out several cards from paper I have brought over the years and with steph looking at me as if I have completely lost my mind I created over 20 cards using only items I have in the house.

Carefully making a slit

I love my Swann Morton craft knife after doing a paper cutting taster and now use it for any paper cutting over scissors. I made a 2cm slit to slide three sparklers in and then secured with some sparkly tape that was in the draw.

bit of sparkle

I’m really pleased with the final result and I think it will be fun and although it is obviously homemade I hope we have some sparkly pictures to share!

It’s time to sparkle

Wild thing

Having completed a floristry course earlier this year for pleasure not for business or weddings it made me look at what I grow in my garden. Flowers cost a fortune rightfully so they are a luxury and take a lot of effort to grow.

After many discussions with my friend who has an allotment and likes to experiment we decided to give cut flower growing a go.

Strong little shoots

I invested in some seeds and plug plants from Sarah Raven amongst others and started sowing in February our spare room was full of little seeds in many pots. I also invested in some eucalyptus plants which arrived looking very sorry for themselves but have since recovered

Lots of lovely smelling eucalyptus

Although I would love to use cut flowers to recreate hand tied bouquets at a fraction of the cost, we also want to have wild flowers in jars at the wedding. So I decided to experiment today.

Full of wild flowers

I am really pleased with how it looks but worried that we are not going to have enough flowers for the wedding. I really wanted to be sustainable with the flowers as it is so easy to spend lots of money on something that is only for a day. By growing our own flowers we get to enjoy them in our garden as well as at our wedding!

Our wild wind beaten garden

However since doing my experiment I am now panicking that there is no way we will ever grow enough flowers (and keep them alive) for the wedding in August to fill one jar let alone 40! Plus I think they have to be filled well to create the most beautiful effect and the jar above has several flowers in there.


We do have what feels like 50 pots as well the ground so hopefully there will be some staggered growth from now until August. We have decorated over 100 jars for candles and flowers so may have to buy some flowers or hopefully find a good wild patch somewhere!

Billy buttons

This is my pride and joy in cut flower growing. Steph brought some Billy buttons for my mum and dad for when they moved house and they were super expensive partly because of where we live and the mark up! However I looked online and found these plants I had 10 to start with and although they seem to be a favourite of aphids I have 9 plants with lots of buttons growing and these dry well so can be cut and kept yipppppeeee!

Jar of delights

A bunting mission

Being an avid crafter with my roots firmly planted in sewing soil I have to add my craft to our wedding and this is where I have the potential to increase my already horder worthy fabric collection!

Fabric madness!

However that does not fit into our sustainable wedding plans so no buying brand new fabric!

Bunting has been around since the 1600’s and was predominantly used to decorate ships with the sailor whose job it was to raise the flag being called the bunt hence bunting!

In England we traditionally have bunting at any celebration we possibly can, village fetes to royal weddings we love any opportunity to get our bunting out!

Lots of triangles

So how can I make this beautiful and traditional decoration green?

By using second hand fabric and scraps only. So far I have cut up a dress I got for £1 A pair of pyjama bottoms and some old curtains alongside all those little pieces that are not quite big enough for anything else.

Sewing marathon

This set of curtains so far has produced 20 triangles and as this our outdoor decorations we need metres and metres! So having set myself this mammoth task alongside making individual napkins I have to get going as only 4 months to go.

So many triangles…..

With that in mind I have run off a heap of triangles tonight after work they are all sewn and turned through so now to iron them all.


Do me a favour……….

The question of wedding favours! It’s a tricky one as you don’t want people to think they have to take some tat home and then throw it in the bin. That is not sustainable! Also wedding favours can cost a fortune, we wanted to make a favour that meant something to us and represented our day.

For the bees

So here are our handmade wedding favours. We used paper from a beautiful book about butterflies that I found in a second hand shop costing £1!

Very old copy of the complete book of butterflies

I made a template to create the envelopes and Steph created hand stamped labels thank goodness we only have 31 guests!

A basket of bees

We are filling our bee envelopes with wild flower seeds so our guests can plant some seeds for the bees whether they choose to do this in their gardens or seed bomb somewhere urban that needs some colour and more importantly some bees!

And because we can never stop!

We had to include the birds! Another important part of our wildlife are birds. Using the same template we used a very ancient readers digest gardening book again for £1!

The very ancient and well loved readers digest illustrated gardeners guide

I really love this book and we are using it for lots of different parts of the wedding and I must find a use for the cover
Beautiful old book pages finding a new lease of life

We will be filling the bird envelopes with a mixture of bird seed to encourage all different garden birds into our guests lives.

The wild flowers will be exactly what we hope to have on the table outside and we really hope our guests love our wedding favours as much as we have loved making them. The bonus is they can be reused as an envelope for gift cards at Christmas double upcycling=happy Sophie and Steph!

Grow your own and decorate

Sweet williams for the wild flower wedding decorations!

Sweet williams for the wild wedding jars! Madly we are trying to grow all our real flowers in our tiny garden currently overrun with pots all over the place! These tiny plugs of sweet williams came from Van Meuwen arrived yesterday and I potted them into these tiny pots last night. Also have been scavenging jars from everywhere for the vases these will be outside, everything upcycled!