A green napkin

We want to be as green as possible at our wedding but also create something beautiful and unique for our guests.

all the colours

As a self confessed fabric addict I wanted to make individualised napkins as an alternative to using paper napkins at the wedding.

I sorted through my fabric stash to find as many fat quarter sized pieces as possible then started matching them up in a crazy, colourful and personalised way!

ironed at least 20 times!!

They are all different in colours as well as sizes (whoops) I did a double top stitch and nearly tore all my hair out the amount I had to change the top thread and bobbin. Multiple colours seemed like a great idea before sewing!!

Folded perfection

I then trawled through the internet looking for the best way to fold them so that we could insert our wedding favours into the napkin making it a full favour gift if guests would like to take the napkins with them. If they do not I am going to make a huge quilt with them as a wedding memory.

I found this envelope fold and it works perfectly with the favours.

Completely green

We are really pleased with the finished result and it will add so much colour to our wedding table making this truly a hodgepodge wedding.

Recycled book pages and bird seed
Recycled book pages and wild flower seeds plus some cornflower seeds from the garden
Picnic basket full of colour! And the page boys napkin matches his shirt.


We are going common with our wedding entertainment and have been searching for ideas for unusual garden games as it would be rude not to use this beautiful house and grounds for the weekend (fingers crossed for sunshine!)

The beautiful Northfields house

In Germany it is traditional to play games at the wedding, ones which test your future of working together this could be sawing a log, hanging out children’s clothes or kidnapping the bride! As the last one would involve us both going missing for the evening and the other two are not easy to complete we have gone for common garden jenga. Although I think the German contingency have some secrets up their sleeve for the day!

Giant jenga!

Although we have chosen the wedding game that everyone has we have put the hodgepodge twist on it! Then it becomes a game we love to play and share with friends and possibly even little people for the rest of lives.

Introducing quotation jenga!

Our homemade sign

We think this is a great way to personalise the game and makes it more fun to play! We made the sign from a second hand 25p board we found, painted it with chalkboard paint and wrote with pens our made up rules.

Pull a brick and write a quote!

I brought the Oxford book of quotations secondhand also for about £1.99 it’s a little out of date but has all of the famous quotes in it and there is always Google for the kids!

“The truth is rarely pure, and never simple” Oscar Wilde

I look forward to playing this with Steph when we are old and grey in our joint nursing home and leaving it to our kids in the will making it sustainable!

A shower of petals

Going green and sustainable at a wedding we are discovering is an immense and thoughtful process. Everyday Steph and I discuss the problems with the climate and how our little footprint affects the world and this has made us rethink what we do and how we live.

We do try to live our best and cleanest life, we beach clean as we live by the seaside we try to avoid buying unsustainable foods and items packaged in plastic we pay for recycling (and we have a green council go figure!)

Reduced roses are always pleasing!

So today I popped to my local shop to pick up some items and saw these beautiful roses that were past their most beautiful stage. I chatted to the lady in the shop about flowers and she showed me some fresh ones (which were not as nice!) I explained I wanted them to dry the petals to make confetti for my wedding day and she was so sweet and found all the half decent ones and reduced them to 25p! Now sadly shop brought flowers always come in plastic but fear not this will be reused somehow.

Dynamic dehydration

Confetti originally was sweets that were thrown such as sugar plums, I don’t know how you would feel but mini missiles springs to mind! This comes from the Italian confetto meaning small sweet. Tradition in England and Germany is or was rice but we all now know this is not good for birds. Over the years things have changed and plastic or ribbon and paper have been introduced a big no no for our green wedding!

The beauty of dried petals

We decided we would dry out own petals for the wedding and I went old school with heavy books filled with petals weighed down all over the house eeeekkkk! This is really not feasible to create in large quantities so we investigated buying a dehydrator and what a revelation this has been! Not only can we make our own confetti but we are wasting less overrule fruit by sticking it in the dehydrator and creating super yummy snacks!

Hand tied bouquet

I recently completed a floristry course creating items like the above and through this had beautiful flowers in the house every week and decided that once they started to droop instead of throwing them in the garden waste they get a second chance to be beautiful and appreciated so all the petals are from flowers I have had at home or ones that are reduced and will just end up in landfill.

Paper cones of magic

We are making paper cones from old books on flowers and they will be filled with our beautiful homemade confetti! These will go in a basket for my beautiful niece to hand out for our guests for a tradition in our in many ways untraditional wedding!

Dried flowers book paper

With our home grown flowers for the wedding decorations I feel so proud of creating something beautiful for our special day that is recycled and being resourceful. We are saving money as a friend was quoted £400 for dried petal confetti and we are being kinder to the planet by not throwing paper or plastic but returning nature to its rightful place.

Softer than sugar plums!