Do me a favour……….

The question of wedding favours! It’s a tricky one as you don’t want people to think they have to take some tat home and then throw it in the bin. That is not sustainable! Also wedding favours can cost a fortune, we wanted to make a favour that meant something to us and represented our day.

For the bees

So here are our handmade wedding favours. We used paper from a beautiful book about butterflies that I found in a second hand shop costing £1!

Very old copy of the complete book of butterflies

I made a template to create the envelopes and Steph created hand stamped labels thank goodness we only have 31 guests!

A basket of bees

We are filling our bee envelopes with wild flower seeds so our guests can plant some seeds for the bees whether they choose to do this in their gardens or seed bomb somewhere urban that needs some colour and more importantly some bees!

And because we can never stop!

We had to include the birds! Another important part of our wildlife are birds. Using the same template we used a very ancient readers digest gardening book again for £1!

The very ancient and well loved readers digest illustrated gardeners guide

I really love this book and we are using it for lots of different parts of the wedding and I must find a use for the cover
Beautiful old book pages finding a new lease of life

We will be filling the bird envelopes with a mixture of bird seed to encourage all different garden birds into our guests lives.

The wild flowers will be exactly what we hope to have on the table outside and we really hope our guests love our wedding favours as much as we have loved making them. The bonus is they can be reused as an envelope for gift cards at Christmas double upcycling=happy Sophie and Steph!

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