Die Trauringe- different cultures

Loving the curves and textures of nature, we chose the perfect rings which have been hand crafted locally.

Although living in the UK, Sophie and I keep some German traditions in our lifes, so we decided we would wear our rings on the right hand. In Germany the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left hand and then moved to the right on the day of marriage (using the same rings or a new one). They are usually very simple bands made of gold. In 1942 in the UK gold content was limited and due to second world war restrictions jewellery creation resulted in “utility” wedding rings. They were forged with 9 carat gold rather than the traditional 22 carat.

The plan is that Sophie’s little nephew will be our ringbearer (as it is tradition in both our cultures to use the youngest family member) but how do we make sure they are safe in the hands of a 5 year old?

Easy…. pick a book from the shelf (in this case we bought it second hand for £1)

The secret library A journey through curiosities of History

The cutting out the keyhole was straight forward, modpdge’ing the pages took a little thought as once they are glued, they dont move with the “opening and closing” of the book…. I am glad to say it worked out just as planned in the end and both rings fit perfectly.

This book will be living in our library and maybe one day our children will be curious to know what’s the secret behind the cut out keyhole.

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